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Re: HP Z820 Workstation. A few questions please.

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HP Z820 Workstation. A few questions please.

So before I get to technical i'll quickly explain that I have a 1 year old HP Z820 that I purchased for my business to be our server. Long story short I now just want to use it for personal use but in the melee of things the original Windows 7 that came on it is gone and windows server 008 R2 was installed.  I will list my questions and if if I can get any help I would greatly appreciate it.


1. I want to remove windows server 2008 R2 and reinstall Windows 7. I am getting conflicting stories on what to do, mainly because I no longer have the original disc anymore.  It is a domain control, however I no longer care about any of that and would like to make it a like a new pc if possible. I was explained that I first need to demote it from sever2008 then others said I dont if Iam just going to install new OS.  I was told that my partition would have windows 7 but I was also told that if my OS was changed it was most likely lost lol. Microsoft says to ask HP. Anyways just need to know how to handle this. 


2. During a update I did lastnight from HP for my NVIDIA Quadro K5000 and for my BIOS it some how changed my controller adapter which was set up as a SATA/SAS/MegaRaid. When I use to look at device manager it showed it the proper way ,after the update it no longer shows that way. It still operates fine however now my LSI 2308 Mustang just shows under storage as additional storage device. This also affected my Bios, it use to boot up using HP bios then switch to LSI utility Bios. now just bypasses LSI . I have read a ton on this and no matter what I change settings to in Bios it wont go back to original set up. I did a rollback to on all updates and did not correct it. Does this first need to be corrected before windows 7 is reinstalled?    I almsot forget and it's important it also erased my CD/DVD drive from my devices. However in Bios it shows it and shows it operating but from OS there are 0 signs of it. I even tried a few things I read to reloacate it and it is gone.


3.  I read I should update all important things before I change OS now I am afraid to since it already affected something so important. I obviously want most current drivers and capabilities possible. The computer was to expensive to not utilize and if I tried to sell it I wouldnt recoup a quarter of what it cost me. 


4. Dont know if this is a realistic option. But I also read I can just do a dual boot which I almost like but I cant help but to feel like all the features from server 2008 will some how slow me down. The IT guy set it up so intesne that doing anything on the computer is a pain in the butt. Even logging on or going online. I understand it was for safety but none of that matters anymore to me at all. 


If you need anymore info please let me know.  Hopefully I explained myself correctly. Again I appreciate any help. I looked in other rooms I felt were more appropiate but there hasnt been conversations in them in so long I was afraid they would go unseen.


Thank you



Some technical specs:

Existing OS windows server 2008 R2 Enterprise 64 bit sp1 and also shows Windows NT

CPU=2 -8 CORE processors

32 GB Ram and 64 GB of virtual space( btw some of my virtual space vanished after update of drivers)

Motherboard=HP 158B       Bios version J63 v03.06          Graphics= NVIDIA Quadro K5000

Storage Hard drives= 1 = 256 GB SDD, and 2nd, 128 GB SDD (also on S.M.A.R.T it shows but healty)

Also no CD/DVD as computer will not acknowledge it since update.





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Re: HP Z820 Workstation. A few questions please.

This is the wrong company for printers and PC products. You need to register in the HP Inc. Support Forum:

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Re: HP Z820 Workstation. A few questions please.

Ok, sorry . It seemed like the best place being under SERVERS and thats what my question is related to not a printer.  I opened a thread under HP support forum under Servers/workstations as well but just a hundred views and no reply. Maybe I'll try general.  I appreciate your time.

Thank you