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Houston, you have a problem.

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Houston, you have a problem.

Product number: K7Q17EA#ABU


Purchased: 1st-Jan 2015, replaced Feb 2015.


This is my second laptop that I have purchased and there are 2 underlying issues.



A)     Sun spots - area of the display that are brighter than usual, can be of various shapes, sizes etc. This is the reason for replacing my 1st laptop with a similar one. Nowadays I try and mentally block out the fact that the sunspots are there!




B)     Fan issue - I bought a 6 fan unit to sit underneath the laptop due to inadequate ventilation (suggest seach ebay / google for 6 fan unit). I know I am not the only one getting these oddities with the fan as I have seen various comments on other web sites about the matter, I noted the HP replies and checked my settings with their suggestions but the fan issue still occurs.

Only this morning I heard a longer beep than usual which prompted me to contact you about this matter. Every few minutes, the fan makes minor beeps/screeches which isn't right. The machine is working but the fan and insufficient ventilation is quite concerning. I ask you to pass this matter to your design team.




Thanks ,NikkiB

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Re: K7Q17EA#ABU laptop fan problems

This is the wrong company for printers and PC products. You need to register in the HP Inc. Support Forum: