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LT3700 CSR Service Event Tracking Numbers Nightmare

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LT3700 CSR Service Event Tracking Numbers Nightmare

I hope this is in the right place, there are no forum categories for monitors, displays or TV's...

After documenting 13 phone calls and over 6 hours on the phone...

Received email saying replacement part has been ordered and shipped, but the tracking number provided is not valid, call to find correct tracking number, no one at HP (CarePack, Customer Relations, Tech Support, etc.) can even find the order much less the tracking number as apparently this was some email poltergeist in the shipping warehouse sending out confirmation emails about parts that the warehouse gremlins were maybe thinking about shipping if their karmas and auras lined up correctly with the moons in the second house, MAYBE, but ONLY if you speak in an accent indecipherable to anyone in the known universe which makes complete sense since we're dealing with aliens anyway and there's a lot of universes out there.

To recap:
For ITRC Case: 3602407257, I have a replacement part order number for CSR service event, 0600873906 with an invalid UPS tracking number and all I really want is the valid tracking number.

The case managers and customer relations managers are baffled as they all deny responsibility for the parts order or even the possibility that this order is real- (dinnadoit syndrome).

Nevertheless, I do have the email and order number and just want to give an eta to my customer. Anyone who can point me to a way to track a CSR service event and associated parts orders earns my undying gratitude... oh yeah, and 10 points with bunny ears...