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My Laptop screen cracked

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My Laptop screen cracked

Dear HP Stuff,

Good day to you


I want to complain about the breaking of my 350G1 Laptop’s screen when my wife just held it by her fingers from the upper right corner,

We were setting together and when she wanted to change its place from a place to another she held it from the upper right corner by one hand, and the other hand from the bottom

Of the laptop suddenly we found a small crack started from this corner from inside (no external crack on the screen), then within 2 days this crack increased to fill the whole screen.


My laptop is still under warranty (I bought it 11-Sep.-2014), and I went to the HP dealer in EGYPT (Redington Egypt-Nasr city branch), but they told me that the screen is broken and this is misuse and

Not covered under warranty and that HP worldwide will not accept this under warranty, and as My career in Egypt is working as Quality assurance Engineer in Toyota Motors Egypt and one of my

Role jobs is the warranty claims and warranty procedures, so I know that is very easy to say that any broken part Is out of warranty, but the question is : (Is that Laptop very sensitive like that

To be just broken by holding it from the upper part of the screen ?because if so, if that is normal, I will never deal with any HP products in the future, and I will advice all my friends and family

To take care of such weak products which cannot stand holding them by human fingers !!


My request is to be fair and check the case carefully and I’m sure I’m not the only one who faced this problem in the world, but I’m still keen to check your loyalty to your customers, and your

Attention to satisfy your customers.


What should make you sure that I’m not that person who is careless to his staff, that I have another 2 HP laptops (1 is 5 years old, and the other is 3 years old) and I never faced a problem like that,

But I faced this problem with this week HP laptop body in only 6 months !!!.


I will never buy a new screen to this laptop, I’m still paying for the Installment for this laptop, Its better for me to through this laptop out of the window than to pay any other penny on it.


Your quick Reply and your understanding for the above is highly appreciated


Thanks and Best Regards