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Re: Nice product support ! NOT

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Nice product support ! NOT

I just wanted to thank HP for sending me a Large format deskjet printer that has never worked right from day one. Now after getting the feed roll issues finaly fixed the print heads go out of warantee while waiting for repair parts. Now they are dying one by one about every other day, within days of the warantee expiration date and they say the heads are expired and not under warantee anymore. Even though they were under warantee while the printer was apart being repaired.
This sure makes me want to buy another one from them!
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Re: Nice product support ! NOT

When you call HP or contact HP they will gave you an warantee exception report number use this number to get warranty work done on your printer. I have always gotten
good service from HP. I would have talked with a manager when someone tells me things are going out of warranty when I never got to use the printer in the first place also always get a name of whom you are talking with on the phone you will be supprise how service improves when you have someone name. IS POOR SERVICE THE NORM? NOT.
Fight back!
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Re: Nice product support ! NOT

pls understand that this is - as its title clearly says - a forum for feedback and forum usage. It's no place for lamenting about issues with HP service.
And as these forums are per-to-peer forums where volunteers are trying to help each other, youu won't reach HP this way.

For printer problems visit the proper forum; pls see the overview:

This said:
I fully agree with Fernando. Even even it was a bit difficult at times, I always was successful when having problems fixed by HP service and the solutions always have been more than only fair.
If problems with service personell persist just have the case esaclated to a higher level.

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Re: Nice product support ! NOT

I have some sympathy with this posting. I have found HP unhelpful and sorting out problems takes hours of valuable time. This may not be the right place to post the message but I for one understand how he feels.