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Re: Software downloading is hanging

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Software downloading is hanging

Has anyone else experienced the software downloading pages just hanging when requesting download? I am trying to download drivers and software for a print server (JetDirect EX Plus J2591A) for both Win 98 and Win XP. Pressing the "Download Now" buttons (any download now button) just hangs the browser session (very, very slow progress bar. No timeout, no 404, just a hung browser window and no download. I am able to download other software on the internet just fine.

I am at page:


and pressing:


Thank you,
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Re: Software downloading is hanging

Never mind. I found it was a firewall issue on my part.
Gary Cantwell
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Re: Software downloading is hanging

Hi Steve,

Thanks for letting us know.

Generally you can report download issues using the "feedback to webmaster" link at the bottom of the page that you are trying to download from.


Brendon Pilott
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Re: Software downloading is hanging

I am having the same problem. When will this issue be resoleved? I need drivers for a D530SFF now as it is bluescreening when I restore backups to it.