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Thunderbolt-2 Card - PCIe Slot Alternative to Slot #5?

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Thunderbolt-2 Card - PCIe Slot Alternative to Slot #5?

I have four Avid video editing systems running on HP Workstations (Z-820) 2.50 GHz with 32 GB RAM. For backup storage, I want to attach my HP Thunderbolt-2  PCIe 1-port I/O card (F3F43AT). HP specifies Slot #5 for this card to operate properly. Unfortunately, AVID also specifies Slot #5 for their HDX I/O card which connects to my video processing box. Is there a setting to allow me to use the Thunderbolt-2 card and have it recognized in another PCIe slot, such as #1 or #3? I have the power cable running to the card, I just need it to recognize devices from a different slot. 

HP z820 Workstation, 2.50 GHz, 32 GB RAM, System BiOS J63 v.03.88, Windows 7 Professional (SP 1)

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Re: Thunderbolt-2 Card - PCIe Slot Alternative to Slot #5?

Better ask the HP forum, because this is not a HPE product.


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