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Webjet admin migration and upgrade issues

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Webjet admin migration and upgrade issues

Hi All,  Sorry if I have not posted this in the correct place, really could not find where to put it?


I have a current need to upgrade an existing install of Webjet admin but having some issues due to how the install was initially done.

Current configuration was as follows:
Server 2016 with HPWJA installed ver 10.4 SR2
HPWJA service running as a domain account "HPWJA.SVC"
DB running on remote MSSQL Server (2016/v13) named HPWJA

When we went to update, found that it would not as there was a requirement for the service to be running as NETWORK SERVICE as per documentation. Went on to follow instruction found at:

http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c01857435 Page 23

Which is in essence, backup, change to network service, restore, upgrade and then change back doing a backup and restore in the other direction.

However, we found that as the DB is running on a remote server, the upgrade fails as the local network service account has no access to the DB and you can’t give Network service from one server, access to SQL on another?

We then decided that we will move the DB back to the local HPWJA server and into the SQL express instance that was installed on there (and would leave it there post update). to see if this worked.

We then found that as we had been running the DB on a newer version of MSSQL we now needed to upgrade the local instance of MSSQL Express to match (Upgraded to 2016/v13 of SQL Express)

We were then able to move the DB using a backup and restore after this.

However, when we went to start HPWJA (now running as Network Service, pointing to DB migrated from other server now running on localhost) it would say:

Server Warning: A problem has occurred with the HP Web Jetadmin service. One or more components failed to load.

Which is the same warning we received when it was running on the remote SQL Server...

If I change back to the original blank DB (as was there prior to migrating the DB from the other MSSQL Server) it works fine, just nothing in it obviously. So not an issue with the version of SQL Express at least.

If I then change the HPWJA service to use the specified domain account with the migrated DB, it works fine, however this brings us back full circle to not being able to do the upgrade…

This leads me to believe there is an issue changing between the domain account and network service local account to do with permissions on the DB.

I have checked the account has the correct SQL access (Network service has DBO on local server), so must be something internal on the DB?

Any advice would be much appreciated.