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Where to report broken / lost links ??

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Where to report broken / lost links ??

Hi moderators,
the design of the download pages for software and drivers has changed.
It seems that on this re-launch the situation with the availability of old stuff has become worse (but this may just be an impression).

Anyway, where can one report when drivers and/or docs still existing are not listed?

Over time I stumbled over literally hundreds of situations where things are missing in the database driven listings.
In the past I often reported to the "webmasters" when I saw that existing things were not listed. But I never ever received any reply. So I gave it up.

IMO it would be an important thing to have a place where to report missing links (be it drivers/software or manuals).
I therefore kindly ask to improve the situation of communications and to assign a place where users can leave feedback and can be sure that this is not in vain but handled properly.

P.S. This posting is deriving from the long thread
"nw8440 - VT disabled in bios"
where recently it was reported that the most important and long awaited BIOS update is not listed on the download site.
This is a real pity.
I would report this would I know to whom an inquiry might be addressed with the chance to be successful.
I just do not want to whistle against the wind once more.
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Re: Where to report broken / lost links ??

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Re: Where to report broken / lost links ??

Below pls find just another example for the urgent need to make the responsable person aware of the need to do something.

How to go??


Peter L Dec 29, 2006 10:12:04 GMT Unassigned
I downloaded the new firmware (1.03) and installed it and now my UJ-832S recognizes imation 52x CD-R, imation 16x DVD-R, Maxell 4x DVD-R, and even Traxdata DVD+R DL media !

Nero InfoTool reports that the drive is now also able to write DVD-RAM media, but I have no media to test with.

Thanks for the link to the new firmware !!

I think HP should make it available for download from the nw8240 driver download page.
"Cd burning problem with nw8240 and Matshita dvd-ram UJ-832S"
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Re: Where to report broken / lost links ??

Yes, ever since HP rearranged its support and drivers pages things have been so difficult to find. In my opinion it is quite a mess.

Software updates and drivers have been completely omitted for some products. For instance, if you check the support and drivers page for the IPAQ hx4700, there are no links for software updates there - only bluetooth drivers for keyboards and whatnot! Surely, this pocket pc is still supported by HP and the ROM and Firmware updates that had been released for this model are still valid.


I had suggested to a user who posted an inquiry to the pocket pc forum about this issue that they post an inquiry about this on the Business Support Website forum, which they did. The moderators there simply moved the thread to the pocket pc forum! Users who frequent that forum cannot begin to address this problem! This is something that HP needs to address ASAP.

Prof Julie | Microsoft MVP Windows Phone Consumer
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Re: Where to report broken / lost links ??

Yes, Julie, the re-launch at least partly caused a total mess!!
!!!?à =ä)à (ü/&%à à à ´`\$§"!++'#!!?!!!

Obviously things were handled by librarians who did not have the necessary insight and/or just did not care enough.

Must have been some kind of clairvoyance when I started this thread ;-) ;-). Would not have imagined how things would be.

I lost several hours because today in a thread on an old Armada 1750 a user complained that none of the links in my standard text on my major subject would work (the so-called "DIAGS partition"; over time I could help literally hundreds of users to get their systems going with access to BIOS-Setup; it had freely been distributed by others too and I'm sure it will still circulate for years).

What I had to find out following this complaint was simply horrible.
Not only that old links (in piles of docs and tenthousands of forum threads) are not functional any more and not only that the new systems produces really beautiful links like:

where in the past it had been

Far more important: The main tool "Diagnostics" has been totally removed from all the listings I checked. Obviously some true ignorant did think that it would not be needed because there is "Windows Diagnostics". .
And for the corresponding "Setup for Portables" SoftPaq they offer *three* versions (2 outdated and useless ones) instead.

And what comes on top:
The search engine (which is poor enough anyway and does not even allow to search for an "exact phrase") does not find any SoftPaq when searching with the SP-number. This worked when I last tried it (may be 2 weeks or so ago).
It was absolutely impossible to find what I was looking for.

Oh man (better: woman ) am I glad that - software archeology being my main hobby - a year or so ago I had collected all of the info on all COMPAQ SoftPaqs on the FTP-site (from SP0001 up to October 2002) in a database ;-) ;-)
So I could at least update my text ...

I'm sure you'll understand how angry I am and what a nice end of the year this makes.

One might see this as exaggerated. But I'm so far following the old rule that if in an area where I have expertise things are wrong this rectifies the assumption that it might be similar in other areas where I have no control.

No idea on what to do.
As said above: in the past I never was given a simply acknowledgment when mailing to the webmasters. So I am not too enthusiastc to invest time just for sending things to Nirvana ...

Sadly Yours

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Re: Where to report broken / lost links ??

Apparently, a new bios for the nc6400 has been released - I got a copy of an email notification sent to a friend of mine. According to the relaease notes, the new bios contains an option to enable VT in the setup.

This bios revision is nowhere to be found on this website. It's not even listed on the download page for this model Notebook.

Now - why inform of an update if it isn't available?

Here's a copy of the email:


Document ID: c00833234

Version: 1

HP Compaq nc6400 Notebook PC System BIOS Update Version F.06

Release Date: 2006-12-20

Last Updated: 2006-12-20



System BIOS Version F.06:

* Supports new Intel CPUs
* Adds Hard Drive Translation Mode option in the Setup utility (F10), which enables users to select either Bit-shift mode or LBA-assisted mode.
* Adds Virtualization Technology in the F10 setup.
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Re: Where to report broken / lost links ??

Thanks for jumping in, Jana.

Question remains:
What can we users do make the powers in force aware of things like that.
It's just absurd that quite some tome was spent on fixing an important issue and Andy Fisher helped to get things going but now the result is not available for the public ...


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Re: Where to report broken / lost links ??

Well, I guess about the only sensible thing to do is to report these things as "broken or missing links or images". There is actually an email form for these things available, if you spend a while looking for it.

Unfortunately, though, the space of the box in the form for entering the actual URL you are complaining about is not quite big enough to contain the whole URL you are complaining about. It truncates the string at about 80 letters or so. So you need to enter it again in your description of the problem.


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Re: Where to report broken / lost links ??


I guess the form I managed to find after some labourious search is the one that Rainald gave up on long ago since he never received any reply.

That being the case, I wholeheartedly submit my plea for "a place where to report missing links (be it drivers/software or manuals)", in accordance to Rainald's message above. Let me add that the mailbox should be monitored, and each report generating a case with an ID that can be followed up on.

(At least I got an auto-generated feedback email from "HP US Webmaster", acknowledgeing my complaint.)

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Re: Where to report broken / lost links ??

Hi Rainald,

Pls report the lost/broken links to bsdhelpdesk@hp.com.

Inderjeet Singh Phull