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driver download

mary farley
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driver download

why wont it let me download drivers? I click download and at the bottom left side of the page it says canceling open page and nothing else happens im still at the download button but when you look at my hp profile it says i have downloaded two drivers and asks if i want to delete them. SO did i download them or not? cuz i searched everywhere and i cant find! PLEASE HELP!!
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Re: driver download

We have had the same problem for about 2-3 years. HP changed its support downloads from http to ftp. The ftp downloads do not work through most firewalls. We and all our customers use hardware firewalls, so none of us can perform HP support downloads by pressing Download buttons.

What you can do is a pain: perform a manual ftp download. First copy the Address from the failed download. It will look something like this example for an Intel945GM driver for Windows XP Tablet Edition:


Then launch the Accessories / Command Prompt program. Welcome to the wonderful world of MS-DOS! Go to the directory in which you want to store a downloaded file. Foe example, if it is on the E drive, type E:. To go to the directory, type for example cd \Temp. Start ftp and go to the HP ftp site: ftp ftp.hp.com Anonymous noname@nosite.no.

Now go to the subdirectory in which the download file will be found. The Address from the example says pub, then softpaq, then sp37501-38000/sp37718.exe, so for that one would type cd pub cd softpaq cd sp37501-38000. Finally get the file, almost always a binary file. For the example, one would type binary get sp37718.exe.

The download will then start, and when it ends another command prompt will appear. Exit from ftp by typing bye, and close the utility window. The downloaded file will be in the directory that you first entered.