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Re: stolen laptop

kevin jarvis
New Member

stolen laptop

please,please,please,i have been trying without success to find out if i can get my stolen cq50-110em laptop either blocked or traced i think i know who has it but no prooof.i still have the box,reciept,backup discs from when i first got it,as i am self employed it has every thing on it bank details,credit cards,invoices,custumer details,etc,etc with the position i am in at the moment ie,no work,mortgage arrears,bills not getting paid getting another one is out of the question,the police has said it is a civil matter nothing they can do.so please if anyone knows of a way please let me know...
Bobby Sledge
Honored Contributor

Re: stolen laptop

Unless you have installed some sort of tracking software such as LoJack, then it is extremely unlikely that you'll ever even locate your laptop.

The police cannot do anything until they have "sufficient cause", so in essence it is up to you to locate it. Since you have no way of doing that, you are pretty much out of luck.