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BiosConfigUtility and read-only message

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BiosConfigUtility and read-only message

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To set a few BIOS-settings according our policies with the BiosConfigUtility we get on 2 settings an error.

One is the Virtualization Technology (VTx) setting and the other is Virtualization Technology Directed I/O setting.


The error on both is:


<SETTING changeStatus="warning" name="Virtualization Technology (VTx)" reason="BCU: Setting is read-only" returnCode="">


So, a guess it is not possible these settings? Why not? Or is it possible to change and how?

We have to set these settings on >1000 Workstations.




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Re: BiosConfigUtility and read-only message

What platform, BIOS revision and version of BCU tool are you seeing this with? 


If this is one of the newer platforms, please keep in mind that UEFI BIOS is a big game changer for the entire PC industry. So a number of interoperability behaviors between the BIOS and manageability tools may have changed.  A quick simple test is to try applying the changes with a setup password enabled.  If the settings apply, then it could be a result of the security enhancements that have come with UEFI.  Otherwise, please provide more specific details, including a sample of your config file.



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Re: BiosConfigUtility and read-only message



I have the same problem. We must du this settings by 3000 EliteDesk 800. The problem is the BIOS version. The problem is only by the newest version (2.30). With the Version 2.05 do it works.


Any solutions??


Thanks for helping.