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Latest 2910al (J9148A) firmware (W.15.13.0005) has SNMP problems

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Latest 2910al (J9148A) firmware (W.15.13.0005) has SNMP problems

I have a dozen or so 2910al switches. They were all using W.15.08.0012.  I upgraded half of them manually to the latest firmware, W.15.13.0005.  Before finishing the rest I downloaded and installed ProCurve Manager 4.  I configured the agent and all the settings and used it to scan my network for all my HP switches.  It found everything successfully.


However, it will not display the configuration information for the upgraded 2910al switches. All the 2910al switches on the old firmware (W.15.08.0012) display the configurations fine. All SNMP community strings and manager accounts are the same for all devices.  I then rolled back the firmware on a few of the 2910al switches and the configuration displayed fine.


Config Manager - SCAN works fine on the old firmware. But after moving to the latest firmware, it fails, telling me to check the CLI/SNMP settings. After moving back to the old firmware on the same switch it works again.  I tried running DEVICE ACCESS - TEST COMMUNICATION PARAMETERS on both firmwares. On the latest firmware it says "Restricted access" for the read and write communities, but on the old firmware it says "Success".


Same switches, same settings... just newer firmware.  Is this a bug with W.15.13.0005?

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Re: Latest 2910al (J9148A) firmware (W.15.13.0005) has SNMP problems



I have been struggling with the same problem for some time now. I have PCM v4+

I have 100+ switches wating to be upgraded.

I did a couple upgrades before i discovered this problem.


I did a wireshark session at the pcm server while pressing the Config Manger - Scan button on a selected 2520-8-PoE switch.


It shows that PCM is doing a SNMPGET to the switch on this OID:


The newest firmware/flash does not get a valid snmp respons in this OID:

Reason: (noSuchName) There is no such variable name in this MIB.

Failed object: SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.


Whe i boot on an older image (secondary) i get response on this OID with this value: 

SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises. = INTEGER: 1


This is the flash/images on the 2520-8-PoE test switch:


Image Size (bytes) Date Version
----------------- ------------ -------- --------------
Primary Image : 6897290 11/26/13 S.15.09.0022
Secondary Image : 5473516 08/03/09 S.14.03



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Re: Latest 2910al (J9148A) firmware (W.15.13.0005) has SNMP problems


I have the same problems and when i search on the Web i read your request.

I found the solution.

The OID  .


This object is obsoleted by hpicfDownloadTftpServerConfig.



The new OID is this object:



When this is true(1), the TFTP server is enabled and will process incoming requests.

When this is false(2), the TFTP server will be shut down and will not accept incoming connections.



if i can help.