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Need to backup my config using PCM+ v4

Dan DeCoursey
Regular Advisor

Need to backup my config using PCM+ v4

Hello I would like to verify that each switch only has one config ..the current running config


I need to verify the process of creating config backups using PCM +      that I  can use if the switch  gets serviced/replcaed or has any other operaional  issues


I have right clicked on a switch and selected Config Mgr  then export      I am not sure if this is the correct method.I noted I end uo with a series of files



and multiple swcfg    


like  I said we dont  intend to keep multiple configs  so I dont want multiple swcfg files ...so I may need help in cleaning out everything but the current running config


I guess  1st things 1st......am I using the correct method   ?



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