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PCM remote Client 64-bit

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PCM remote Client 64-bit

Hello gents.


We are upgrading some of our workstations to windows 7 64-bit version and I can't get PCM remote Client working anymore.


I have checked the installer I download from the server and it comes in a 32-bit version. Shouldn’t be a problem as 64-bit OS should be able to run 32-bit software, but seems this is not the case.

However, the server is running the 64-bit version of PCM (Server, Agent and Client) so it must be using a 64-bit version of the client.


Anyone knows where to get this version? Does it exist?


Thanks and Regards

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Re: PCM remote Client 64-bit

AFAIK PCM only has the 32-bit client, but I'm not 100% certain :-)


What I am certain about is that I remember hearing about this kind of issue a time back. Ensure first that your server is running the latest Autoupdate. Then ensure you can add remote clients, and there are no firewall issues. I'd disable firewall on both server and client during the testing entirely. Ensure that you're running in a supported system (supported OS, used for PCM only etc...).


If you still have a problem, I'd suggest contacting support.


HPE Networking Engineer