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PCM4 vs PCM+ 4 Confusion with Licensing

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PCM4 vs PCM+ 4 Confusion with Licensing



2 month ago i downloaded a fresh copy of PCM4+ with unlimited Devices for testing. We want to switch to

HP from Cisco .

The Software worked until yesterday and then "licence not comlianced "


I went to my networking an registered the free 25 Device PCM Licence .

I imported the licence file in my Software an under Licenses there is to be see:


Product : PCM

valid for 25 Devices

until 2022  


I restarted the Server and the software ... the Software starts und show all devices ...

but during start comes the message :


"Your licence for PCM+ is out of Compliance "


Licence for pcm+ is out of compliance


I cannot do things like change a port with VLAN and so on ...


The PCM + Licence is show as Trial Licence under deactivated Licenses


But the active PCM Licence seems to bo not "realy activ"


What can i do to to get this basic functionality with the 25 device licence ???

Steve Britt
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Re: PCM4 vs PCM+ 4 Confusion with Licensing



I believe that the downloads have a free 60-day trial key in them for PCM+ so that you can try its features out and decide whether you want to purchase it for the long run.  The free PCM product, for which you must still register, doesn't offer nearly as much functionality as PCM+.  So if you want the same features you were using with the trial license then you're going to have to buy the smallest PCM+ license that fits your needs.





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Re: PCM4 vs PCM+ 4 Confusion with Licensing

I have the same issue.


My PCM+ trial license expired, I registered PCM to have free 25 devices and I still having the message PCM+ is out of compliance. I also deactivated all trial licenses and update PCM to 4.00.3 without success.


I had less than 25 devices



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Re: PCM4 vs PCM+ 4 Confusion with Licensing

I have exactly the same issue.


When the license expired I continued to keep getting the same "out of compliance" warning dialog box. I thought it could be that some of the feature options that I was previously using were trying to initialise and so the software was complaining that those particular features were now not licensed. But just to test I uninstalled and wiped all the software/file/registry residue I could find and then reinstalled. I obtained another free key and before doing anything in the software, installed it and disabled the pcm4+ license. Still having the same issue here.




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Re: PCM4 vs PCM+ 4 Confusion with Licensing



I've tried with fresh install (without detecting any device), adding 25 device Basic license and desactivationg trial licenses.

Same problem.


Does anyone find a solution?


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Re: PCM4 vs PCM+ 4 Confusion with Licensing

I'm curious now if anyone has figured this one out.  I installed PCM+, ran my trial key out, then added my license for the free version of PCM, and now I have the same error message coming up.  


I was about to do a complete remove and re-install of the product but read here that the act doesn't seem to help.