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Unable to read configuration Files (PCM+ v4.0)

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Unable to read configuration Files (PCM+ v4.0)



i'm getting a bit frustrated, maybe some could help me.


We are using PCM+ v4.0, was very easy to add the Switches and have first success, but every time i try to do a scan for configuration i'lll get the error "please check CLI/SNMP settings".
 It's obvious that this can't be the problem, if i rediscover the device PCM will check the SNMP credentials and confirm that they are good. CLI credentials also can't be the problem, i'm able to run CLI commands using the PCM CLI-Wizzard. What else could be the problem?


Any help would be greatly appreciated,






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Re: Unable to read configuration Files (PCM+ v4.0)



I experienced the same problems with both 3.10 and v4.0.  It seems to me that PCM is buggy when it comes to capturing the config files.


Test the connection to the device.  Right click the device and select "Device Access- Test communication parameters in HP PCM"  This will tell you which part of the process is failing.  Don't rely on your default CLI/SSH/SNMP settings that you setup under Agent Manager.  You might have to set some devices individually.  After you run the test, go back to the same "device access" menu and "setup HP Param. in HP PCM" then retest.  Once you get all success in the test run a manual scan it it should pull in the config.


The config is supposed to populate each time a discovery is complete but this only happens on 50% of my switches.  I have to do a manual scan to properly get the lates config into PCM...I contacted support but the  HP support response... HUM? I don't know... this seems to be typical from HP support.


Good Luck