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11.31 Using codeword with swinstall to activate (and install) OnlineJFS

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11.31 Using codeword with swinstall to activate (and install) OnlineJFS

Hi there,


  I have just installed an Integrity BL860 with 11.31 via our Ignite server. This was the first time in a year I did this!


 We bought the BL860 with 11.31 installed (base). All our purchaes come with a licence for OnlineJFS.  I have the codeword.  After the Ignite has completed, I noticed that OnlineJFS was not installed (looks like something amiss with Ignite, but this is another discussion for another thread), so I decided to try and install and activate OnlineJFS.


I tried these commands:

 swinstall -p -x customer_id=7HXXXXXXXX  -x codeword=VH3KXXXXXXXXX -s /usr/local/a AONLINEJFS

 swinstall -p -x customer_id=7HXXXXXXXX -x codeword=VH3KXXXXXXXXX-s /usr/local/a OnlineJFS01

 swinstall -p -x customer_id=7HXXXXXXXX -x codeword=VH3KXXXXXXXXX-s myserver:/usr/local/a/OnlineJFS01/  \*

 swinstall -p -x customer_id=7HXXXXXXXX -x codeword=VH3KXXXXXXXXX-s myserver:/usr/local/a/AONLINEJFS/  \*
 swinstall -p -x customer_id=7HXXXXXXXX -x codeword=VH3KXXXXXXXXX-s myserver:/usr/local/a  \*


However I do not think I have the right DVD, and I don't know where to find the depot :(


QUESTION:  Which DVD I should find the OnlineJFS software on?


( I have HP Serviceguard Storage Management Suite/ DVD/ November 2009, but do not think this is right, because I tarred it up on my PC and untarred into /usr/local/a as shown above, yet the swinstall command I noted above failed.  )



Any suggestions and solutions are grately apprciated.







 P.S.This thread has been moved from HP-UX >System Administration to HP-UX > patches-HP Forums Moderator


IT Operations Unix Admi
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Re: 11.31 Using codeword with swinstall to activate (and install) OnlineJFS

I have mounted the ISO and tried again with limited success.

This time it gives the error message that the supplied codeword and CustomerID are incorrect. Certainly no typos.

I copied the codeword/CustID verbatim from the piece of paper titled: Codeword for Updating Software. This document contains the Product numbers for HP OnlineJFS (Server) and OnlineJFS for Veritas File System 5.0 Bundle.


WARNING: The source "myserver:/mnt" is a CD-ROM with part number
"5014-1468". This CD-ROM contains both protected and
unprotected or unlocked software. The codeword
you have entered are not valid for this CD. Possible reasons
for this are:
1) Either the codeword or customer ID was omitted.
2) The codeword or customer ID was typed in incorrectly.
3) The codeword or customer ID entered is for a different CD.
A codeword is not required to access unprotected software or 
software unlocked by previously stored codewords. To find a 
valid codeword and customer ID, examine the CD-ROM certificate 
which you received from HP for this CD-ROM. If you need access 
to software on this CD-ROM which is currently protected, rerun 
the command and use the "-x codeword=CODEWORD" and "-x
customer_id=CUSTOMER_ID" options to enter the correct codeword 
and customer ID.


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Re: 11.31 Using codeword with swinstall to activate (and install) OnlineJFS

Each codeword is only applicable to a CD or DVD with a specific part number. For example, if a codeword is generated for an Application DVD set of March 2011 release, it is not valid for Application DVD set of September 2012.


See the "Disc Part Number" field on the "Codeword for Updating Software" paper, right next to the codeword itself. The codeword is only valid for disc (or discset) with that part number.


The part numbers of individual discs are usually consecutive, and multi-disc sets are sometimes identified by using the part number of the _first_ disc of the set. For example, if a codeword document indicates the part number of an Application DVD #1 for a given release, and some of the software authorized by the codeword is actually on Application DVD #2, the same codeword should be good for both disks, although the part number of Application DVD #2 is incremented by one.