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40 individual patches need to be install

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40 individual patches need to be install

I have to install 40 individual there a faster way to do this ???
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: 40 individual patches need to be install

1) go to

2) click individual patches

3) Click hpux

4) Choose your OS

5) Choose search by Patch ID

Find your patches, press select for download button.

When done, you will be able to download a file called

put it binary onto the hpux box, perferably in its own directory

cd /dir


There will be a create depot script.

create_depot -d /tmp/patch.depot

Now 40 scripts are 1 depot

swinstall -x autoreboot=true -x reinstall=false -s /tmp/patch.depot \*

You're done.

Obviously plan for a reboot.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: 40 individual patches need to be install


If you have collected a set of patches and want to install them with a single reboot, place the downloaded patches into the /tmp directory, "un-shar" them and copy them into a depot for installation:

# cd /tmp
# for X in PH*.htm
> do
> sh ${X}
> done

# PDIR=/tmp/patch_depot
# mkdir ${PDIR}
# for X in PH*.depot
> do
> swcopy -s ${PWD}/${X} \* @ ${PDIR}
> done

# swlist -s ${PDIR}

There is no need to register the depot with 'swreg'. This is done automatically by 'swcopy'. The 'swlist' allows you to preview the depot's contents. You can also run 'swinstall' in preview mode to perform a depot software analysis too.

The 'swcopy' syntax shown above can be modified to specify '-x enforce_dependencies=false'. This forces 'swcopy' to ignore dependency verification until the actual 'swinstall' analysis phase. This is very useful when you do not want to download dependency patches because you know that you already have on your server.

If you don't yet have the patches downloaded, take advantage of the ITRC Patch database shopping-cart. Select the patches you need, including all dependent patches offered, regardless of whether you have them or not on your server, and add them to the "cart". The dependencies will be automatically selected and included in the "shopping list". When you are done collecting the patches, download them as a bundle. A 'gzip' file is ideal.

Once on your server, uncompress the 'gzip' file in the /tmp directory:

# gzip -d filename.tar.gz

Next extract the 'tar' file:

# tar xvf filename.tar

This will yield a 'README" file with more instructions and a file named 'create_depot_hp-ux_VV' where VV is the OS version. By executing the 'create_depot_hp-ux_VV' file, the selected patches will be un-shared and copied into a software depot (via 'swcopy'). At that point the depot ('/tmp/depot') is ready for use by 'swinstall'. Since the patches are collected into a bundle for installation, *only one* reboot is necessary regardless of the number of patches requiring this action.