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Assement Tool and Patches

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Assement Tool and Patches

I got this job a couple months ago I have limited Unix experience from past positions, and I’m primarily a windows guy (I know I’m from the dark side). I am in a position where I need to get Java 6 working on our Unix server, and according to HP I need to have specific patches loaded to accomplish this. So in investigating I discovered that our system is about 3 years behind in patches (since it was installed). First off I ran the Assessment Tool and discovered that I need to apply the following patches/pack:

PHCO_41202 – 11.31 Software Distributor Cumulative Patch
PHKL_41588 – 11.31 vm cumulative patch
PHSS_39886 – S700_800 11.X OV EMANATE 15.3 PA-RISC Consolidated Patch
PHSS_39887 – S700_800 11.X OV EMANATE 15.3 IA-64 Consolidated Patch
PHSS_41168 – 11.31 KRB5-Client Version Cumulative Patch
QPK1131(B.11.31.1009.353a) – Quality Pack Depot for 11i v3 August 2010

In doing some research I understand that running the script that I downloaded with the patches will create a Depot that contains everything inside of it and that it does not matter where it is located in the file system as long as there is enough hard drive space. The only volume that has enough space is our main data volume, and not /tmp as recommended. All 5 (or 6 items if PA-RISC is loaded also) totals about 1GB, and my /tmp has about 3GB of free space, but according to the depot script you need a lot more free space. So I would like to do a sanity check that having it on the main data volume is ok?

Next question is the two 11.X OV EMANATE 15.3 Consolidated Patches. Do I install both patches, or do I only install the IA-64? My uname returns: B.11.31 U ia64. If only one of them why does it give you both?

Last question, can you give me an approximate amount of time that it will take to install all of these patches considering it is about 1GB of data. I am trying to plan the outage, and I am currently planning on 12 hours to complete the updates, upgrade to Java 6, and perform other system software updates that I think will take 2 hours by themselves. So is 10 hours a good comfort zone to dedicate to the installation of the system related updates? Thanks.
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Re: Assement Tool and Patches


>> My uname returns: B.11.31 U ia64.

This means you are using an Itanium box. So, you should install patches supports for IA-64 only. DO NOT install PA-RISC patches on Itanium server.


>> The only volume that has enough space is our main data volume

All software resides in /opt file system and all patches will go to your /var file system. You must have enough space in your /var file system. Otherwise your installation will fail. Analysis phase of your patch installation will show you how much space you need in your /var.


>> can you give me an approximate amount of time that it will take to install

Quality Pack upgrade normally takes 1hr ( depends on system resources ). So you can have 3-4 hr down time to install these patches. Java upgrade won't take much time.

Re: Assement Tool and Patches

As mentioned in my initial statements, the script readme file says this.

"System Requirements
1. Disk Space
The depot creation process expands the download file, unpacks the patch sharfiles, unpacks the patch .depot files, and copies them to the "depot" directory. The entire process requires about six times the size of the original patch download. The final "depot" directory is about twice the size of the original patch download." "

It requires about 6 times the original tar or zip file size for the unpacking process, and building the depot. My tar file is about 1GB, so it would require about 6GB of space to run the script. While my /var and /opt each have 6GB available, I wouldn't want to risk using all the space up to run the script. The only place I have that has more room is my main data volume which has 214GB. For the purose of running the script to create the depot, I want a sanity check to make sure it is ok to put it in my main data volume?
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Re: Assement Tool and Patches

You can keep your downloaded patch depot to any location you prefer. That can be /tmp or your main data volume (whichever is larger to accommodate). This is up to you.

Main point you need to look at before installing the patches from depot is, the free space on your /var. When you install the patches from depot, it goes to /var. So, your /var will grow. You must make enough space on it. This will show during analysis phase.

Hope you got it.

Re: Assement Tool and Patches

Questions answered.