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Kurt Henning


A previous thread suggested looking for codewords in the /var/adm/sw/.codewords file.

I checked the /var/adm/sw/.codewords files on two of our critical systems, but these file are empty on both systems.

I'd like to round up the code words for all products installed on these systems, since our collection of paperwork isn't as complete as it could be. If I need to recover a system and all I have are the yellow license certificates, that doesn't do me much good.

Is there a central location (other than /var/adm/sw/.codewords) where this information resides, or is it scattered all over the place depending on the product in question?

I'm mainly interested in the codewords for HP-UX 11, on-line JFS, and the ANSI C compiler. I already have the codeword info for some of the other products like OmniBack and Glance Plus.



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Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Codewords

If the /var/adm/sw/.codewords file is empty, I think you are pretty much out of luck. That is the location that codewords for the Application CDs are stored in. Keep in mind that when you get new application CDs, you will need new codewords because the codewords are different for each set of applications CDs.

I think the easiest thing for you to do is to request the latest set of applications CDs from HP and make sure you request the codewords for all of the software on all of your systems as well. That should get you everything you need.
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Codewords

Hi Kurt:

/var/adm/sw/.codewords is the repository for the codewords for products that come from the Application CDROMs. This would include JFS, ANSI C, etc.

To my knowledge, the only time they are referenced is during the 'swinstall' process.

Since new codewords are required to unlock each new release of the Application CDROMs you could request a new CD set *and* request matching codewords for *all* products you license. You would then have an updated repository.

I believe that currently, if you request an Application CD set, codewords will be supplied only for updated products, so make sure that you specifically ask for *all* codewords for *all* products to which you are entitled.

Cheryl Griffin
Honored Contributor

Re: Codewords

In addition, Codewords can be obtained from 800-538-1733


online from: --> Maintenance & Support --> Under Download/Licensing -->Software Licensing (Codewords, Passwords, FAQ)
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