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ERROR: Missing fileset ImagingSubsystem


ERROR: Missing fileset ImagingSubsystem

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Hi all, was hoping you could help me.
I am trying ot install open view on a HPUX 11.31B IA64, so the script tells me ERROR: Missing fileset ImagingSubsystem (version B.11.31). So I tell the unix guy to please install that fileset, but he has no idea about it, orfrom where to get it. I kinf of told him to look for them in the hpux 11.31 media, but I would like to give him more detailed instructions.
If you guys know in which dvd it is, and the command itself would be great.
Thanks in advance.




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Re: ERROR: Missing fileset ImagingSubsystem

The ImagingSubsystem fileset is located on the  2nd DVD (at least on the March 2012 DCOE DVD set I'm looking at) and is called "ImagingSubsystem".


If the admin mounts the DVD in the directory /mnt, then the following should work.  If the DVD is mounted to a different directory, then use that name rather than /mnt.


# cd /mnt

# swinstall -s /mnt ImagingSubsystem


If he wants to preview the installation beforehand then just add a '-p' to the swinstall command above.


# swinstall -p -s /mnt ImagingSubsystem.


Good luck!


Re: ERROR: Missing fileset ImagingSubsystem

Hey thanks a lot for taking the time to answer me. I will send him this informatoin right away, and will let you know if anytihng!

Thanks again!



Re: ERROR: Missing fileset ImagingSubsystem

The uy says he des not have the medio to install from (they use a "gold image") , so he says he needs to investigate the issue...

So .. I am on hold, will keep you posted, and thanks again.