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HP-UX 11.11 Patch Bundles Download

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HP-UX 11.11 Patch Bundles Download



In the past, the patch's bundles for hp-ux were on the FTP, but now, there is only hardware patches.

Where can I find it now (url) ?


I read this on the faq :


As of October 5, 2010 HP has changed the way patch services and content are accessed.
The changes implemented include:

*  Patch access is now thru the HPSC portal at
. You need to
   register for a valid HP Passport user ID and password and will now also need an
   active HP support agreement that includes Software Updates linked or shared to 
   your HPSC account to access Patch content and services. Please review the article
   "Get started with HP Support Center" located on the HPSC homepage for more information.

*  With the exception of the hardware enablement (HWE) patch bundles, patches will
   no longer be available through the ITRC FTP servers.  These servers include:


*  Customers running Software Assistant (SWA) must download a new (no-charge) version
   of SWA, version C.02.75.  This new version of SWA is available as of October 6, 2010 and
   can be accessed at

*  If you need to obtain support coverage, please contact your local HP office or
   representative or visit

*  For more information, please read the FAQs at

They said we need a an active HP support agreement that includes Software Updates linked or shared to our HPSC, but where can I active this ?


We are calling HP since one month (france), and nobody is able to answer us...


Please, we need it to upgrade some applications and we have a dead line in october.


Thank you to those who can answer our questions :)

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Re: HP-UX 11.11 Patch Bundles Download

You need your passport account setup and you need to link your HP account to your support contracts.  Once you have that done you can go to the patch management links and down load the patches and bundles you find there.



Your dealing with 11.11. The latest bundles for that version are dated December 2009.

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Re: HP-UX 11.11 Patch Bundles Download

Hi and thank you,


the problem is we have no more contract support for this server because our client have buyed the activity of another firm and the contract is canceled.


It's difficult to have the information on the HP website to know what kind of support type we need to access this and the cost of this support for our client.


it's for a HP9000 PA-RISC.


do you know where we can have this informations ?

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Re: HP-UX 11.11 Patch Bundles Download

If your client has canceled their HP support and contracted with another support operation, then they should contact that organization and request the patches you need. That organization should have some kind of arrangement with HP. If not, then your customer should reconsider their support decision.