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Install Perl Modules

Occasional Advisor

Install Perl Modules

This past weekend we upgraded to HPUX 11i version3.    Now our automated FTP Perl scripts are not working.  We are getting error messages that it can't locate /Net/FTP/ and it "cannot open hash database /etc/mail/aliases.db: Invalid argument dbm map "Alias0": missing map file /etc/mail/aliases".  Can someone assist with instructions on how to re-install the Perl modules and the path that the system is looking for Perl?

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Install Perl Modules

For the aliases error try running the 'newaliases' command to generate a new aliases db.


# newaliases


As far as the PERL modules go, CPAN is probably the easiest method to install modules.


If you enter 'CPAN' the the # prompt, you should get to a 'cpan>' prompt.  From there you can do:


cpan> install Net::FTP::File


This will download and install the PERL module.  If you get a complaint that the URL is not valid, do the following:


cpan> o conf urllist

cpan> o conf commit


Then try the install again.