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Java1.5 software depot install query

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Java1.5 software depot install query



I have the following version of Java1.5 installed on one of my Itanium servers:-


 Java15JDK               Java 1.5 JDK for HP-UX 
 Java15JDKadd            Java 1.5 JDK -AA addon for HP-UX


I now have a requirment to install but when I try to do so it complains about the newer version. What I need to be able to do is to install the earlier version and also keep the original version, is this possible using swinstall and if so how do you do it?


Also when someone replies to this query I used to get an email but this does not seem to work anymore, can someone remind me on how I re-enable this please?







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Dennis Handly
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Re: Java1.5 software depot install query

>I now have a requirement to install


Why do you want to use an obsolete version?  The latest should be forward compatible.


>when someone replies to this query I used to get an email


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Re: Java1.5 software depot install query

If I recall correctly, swinstall installs Java1.5 to /opt/java1.5, whatever the exact version is.


However, all the JDK files are stored to /opt/java1.5, so you can rename/copy the directory after installation. You will need to edit the JAVA_HOME or similar Java path variable in your application configurations, but otherwise the renaming is very straightforward.


You could copy the current /opt/java1.5 directory to /opt/java1.5.0.07:

# cp -rp /opt/java1.5 /opt/java1.5.0.07

 After the copy operation is complete, you can then e.g. swremove the currently-installed Java1.5 from /opt/java1.5, install, rename the /opt/java1.5 directory (which now contains to /opt/java1.5.0.03, and create a symbolic link /opt/java1.5 which you can then point to /opt/java1.5.0.07 or whatever is the latest installed version.


When you install the next Java1.5 version, you should first remove the symlink, perform the installation & renaming, and re-create the symlink afterwards.


This will allow multiple Java patch levels to coexist. You'd then configure your applications JAVA_HOME accordingly:

for applications that must use a particular Java patch level, you would use JAVA_HOME=/opt/java1.5.0.03 or similar, and for applications that accept patched versions of Java, you could use JAVA_HOME=/opt/java1.5 as usual.


I've done this before successfully on HP-UX 11.00, 11.11 and 11.23 at least. Usually the reason for doing this is an expensive application whose support is picky about versions: "Our application is certified, tested and supported only on Java1.5.0.x. If you update to Java1.5.0.(x+1) and have a problem, you'll be on your own." Sometimes this only becomes apparent when there is an acute problem and the application support responds: "I see you have Java1.5.0.(not-x). Please verify the problem is reproducible on Java 1.5.0.x or go pound sand. Closing call." In such a situation, it becomes very important to have the capability to easily revert to their One True Patchlevel.


Also if the server contains multiple applications, each with different update cycles and Java version requirements, you may end up with conflicting requirements unless you've prepared to maintain multiple JDK/JVM patchlevels on the same system, so that you can make Java version choices per-application.

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Java1.5 software depot install query

If your java is packaged with "is_locatable true", then you can do something like in here:


You can check with swlist:

swlist -l fileset -a is_locatable -s $PWD/foo.depot