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Keeping HPUX up-to-date: swa or swainv?

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Rajendra prasad NVR
Frequent Advisor

Keeping HPUX up-to-date: swa or swainv?


If my HPUX (v3) boxes don't have access to internet, what's the recommended way of keeping them up to date? I know of 2 tools: the "old" swainv, which you run on the server, it generates an XML file that you upload on ITRC... But I somewhat always found it didn't pick up everything. Maybe just me...

Or, there's the swa one, which I think is the "new" way of doing things, right?

What's the best / good way of keeping my systems updated? It seems to be a hassle with swa. Need to download the catalog, gunzip it, generate the report agains't that downloaded catalog with some additional arguments, and then, reviewing the report, manually downloading each patches from ITRC...

Any suggestions?

Thanks. Patrick



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Ganesan R
Honored Contributor

Re: patch check with SwAssistant (SWA) -problem


You need to use -x crl_check=false with the command.
Best wishes,

Bob E Campbell
Honored Contributor

Re: patch check with SwAssistant (SWA) -problem

In one of those magic moments an internal change intended to make the catalog download more fault tolerant we caused the above.

We will be releasing an update in December that will work with the new infrastructure. Sorry for the inconveinence!