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Openview software distributor push agent

Paul Cadieux
Occasional Advisor

Openview software distributor push agent


I have just installed hpux 10.20 to a K570. I chose a default installation. I am now trying to install software. Each time I run SWINSTALL, I get the following message immediately after the "Select Target Path" window:


"perseus:/": The operation you have attempted is only allowed on
target???machines which have HP???OpenView???Software???Distributor installed. To perform this operation, first run the HP OpenView Software distributor pushAgent(1m).


I have checked the system and as far as I can tell Software Distributor is installed and running. A check of processes shows swagentd as running.

Help....what to do?

Mateja Bezjak
Respected Contributor

Re: Openview software distributor push agent

Hi Paul,

First you need to check whether DNS is configured properly.


Your /etc/hosts file should look like: miata localhost loopback

The second thing you can do (depending on you version of SD - version can be checked by "what /usr/sbin/swinstall") is touch /var/adm/sw/.sdkey
But this operation will only succeed with versions higher than A.02.01.

I hope this helps. Regards,