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Patch Help Needed


Patch Help Needed

Hi Gurus,

I am trying to install oracle 10g on my HP-UX box, its asking for various patches to be installed.
Can anyone please hlep me with the following queries.
(1) From where can i download patches for HP-UX
(2) How can i check if the required patch is already on the system or needs to be installed or superseeded?
(3) What are possible dangers of installing a patch? I mean our server is live so could it hang?crash?

Thanks in advance.
Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Patch Help Needed

Hi kapra,

1) You can download patches by going to the patch database. Click on "Maintenance and support for hp products" on the left side of this page, then click on "patch/firmware database". You can then search for an individual patch by name or select "hp-ux" to do a keyword search.

2) Use swlist to check the patches on your system:

swlist -l product |grep "PH"

will list all the patches.

3) Generally, HP patches are quite safe, but many of them require a re-boot. It is also a good idea to install them when the system is not heavily used.


James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Patch Help Needed


(1) You can download patches from the link below. I would chose the standard patch bundles as these represent the most well-tested sets. Read the links on the Patch Database home page for a better understanding.|*?File=patches_main%2Fhpux_bundles_overview.htm&Log=SCR%3DHOME_SCREEN

(2) To find if a patch is installed do (either):

# swlist -l patch PHxx_nnnn

# show_patches

(3) Using the recommended patch if several versions are available is your best choice. With any patch, before you apply it, *read* the NOTES that accompany it. These are available by clicking on the patch link on the ITRC Patch Database before you even download the patch.