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Problems with SD-UX cmds - swinstall .

Leena Kudalkar
Occasional Visitor

Problems with SD-UX cmds - swinstall .

I am trying to install a depot pkg from a simple local dir to the default root dir
using swinstall on HP-UX 10.20.

swinstall -p -s /

I get the error "Operation allowed only with OpenView Software Distributor installed."

If I use interactive mode and ignore this, go back to specify source details, it asks for a target (host:dir) again, and when I default to
(local machine, / ) it crashes with memory fault, core dump.

swlist shows the version B.10.20 against SD-UX. Could I possibly need a patch for SD-UX ?
(I already found one), OR, do I really need
OpenView S/w Distributor ? (No remote installs)
OR, am I specifying bad values ?

thank you!
Problems with SD-UX cmds, SAM
Marcel Boon
Trusted Contributor

Re: Problems with SD-UX cmds - swinstall .


Normally there is a readme or a txt file which
explain how you must install your depot file.
There are serveral way's to install the pakage.
Put your depot file in the /tmp directory,
and use the next command:
swinstall -s /tmp/your_depot_file

Before you installing a patch for swinstall you have to look for the installed patch bundles. (example general release bundle)
First install the latest bundels, those are
bug fixeses.


(always check the man pages)
See the man pages
Honored Contributor

Re: Problems with SD-UX cmds - swinstall .

The patch ^possibly has a dependancy on
OpenView.. ie it is a patch that either adds
functionality to openview or fixes a bug in
it. If you don't have openview installed
the patch won't install.
When you unpack the shar files you should get
a PHSS_12345.depot and a PHSS_12345.text
the .text file will give you any special
instructions and event the command line
to install.
You should also have sd logs that'll tell
you exactly what failed the analysis.
Check out those logs before proceding.

To determine whether you should patch sd
itself if up to you.. You might want to
read the .text file of that and see what the
patch fixes and whether it will actually
fix your problem or not.


PS I'm getting lots of 404s today I hope this posts only once...
It works for me (tm)
Leena Kudalkar
Occasional Visitor

Re: Problems with SD-UX cmds - swinstall .

Thank you , both Marcel and Bill to take time to answer. This is definitely going to help.
I think I agree about the fact that OpenView SD
is needed.

Problems with SD-UX cmds, SAM
Steffi Jones_1
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Problems with SD-UX cmds - swinstall .

Hello Leena,

I disagree that you need openview sd ux for installing sw from a local directory. You would need the oV SD UX if you were trying to push sw from one box to several others. This is not the case here.

Here are a few steps you can go through to troubleshoot your problem:

1) swlist -l fileset -a state | grep ....that should say configured
2) the latest SD UX patch is PHCO_23042 .. but if sd ux doesn't work you might not have success in installing the latest patch :-)
3) nslookup on hostname and ip address and make sure they match
4) the easiest thing to try is to kill -9 the swagentd and then start it again with /usr/sbin/swagentd
5) SD UX is network sensitive .. make sure that their are no problems with the network

Hope that helps,

Steffi Jones
Ajitkumar Rane
Trusted Contributor

Re: Problems with SD-UX cmds - swinstall .

I agree with steffi jones. And the point 3,4and 5 mentioned in her/his reply. I would suggest you should take a close look at the host name entry not proper in /etc/hosts or if you r using DNS.

Good luck
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