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Query about DST and Java patches for DST

Emily S
Occasional Contributor

Query about DST and Java patches for DST

I run the dstivp script retrieved from -,
it showed that my tru64 systems have already passed the DST before I have applied the DST ERP. Do I still need to apply the DST ERP in this case?

Output of dstivp script
OS Test Results:
Local TZ test : Passed
Canada TZ test : Passed
U.S. TZ test : Passed

If yes, which ERP should I apply? v 5.1B-4 or v 5.1B-3? My systems info are listed below. For system A do I go for v5.1B-4 and for system B, do I need to go for v5.1B-3 first then v5.1B-4?

System A
OS version: 5.1B

- T64V51BB25AS0004-20040616 OSF540
- T64V51BB26AS0005-20050502 OSF540

System B
OS version: 5.1B
- T64KIT0026001-V51BB25-20050713 OSF540
- T64KIT1000116-V51BB25-20051121 OSF540
- T64V51BB25AS0004-20040616 OSF540

Thanks in Advance
Emily S
Occasional Contributor

Re: Query about DST and Java patches for DST

Sorry, here is my java patch question.

I want to test out tzupdater but my systems are production systems, hence I have just tried the -t option and got the following output. What does it mean? During my downtime to install this java patch, do I just replace -t with -u?

# java -jar tzupdater.jar -t
The Java runtime doesn''t have time zone data (zi directory).