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Rsync depot for hp-ux 11.00

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Super Advisor

Rsync depot for hp-ux 11.00

Hi Experts ,
Where I can download Rsync depot for hp-ux 11.00 .

I tried 11.11 from but failed after installing on 11.00

- After installed: I tried rsync command: and exited with error , so looking for exact 11.00 rsync version depot:
hpux110> rsync
/usr/lib/ Can't find path for shared library:
/usr/lib/ No such file or directory

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Rsync depot for hp-ux 11.00

> Can't find path for shared library:

Did you download all of the runtime dependencies?
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Re: Rsync depot for hp-ux 11.00


Thank you for the quick reply. libiconv and gettext and popt are depenencies. Found libiconv already installed but not the other two.

Also the one I downloded from is for 11.11 and not 11.00 so not completely sure if that will work. (There is no rsync listed for hp-ux 11.00 ), neither on samba website.

Before installing all the dependency product I removed the installed one and tried with copying the binary from another same server and it worked. !!

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Re: Rsync depot for hp-ux 11.00

I was able to load and run the 11.11 Rsync version on 11.10.  Functions without problem. 




swinstall -x allow_incompatible=true -s /<depot path>/11.11/internet_express Rsync



A description of "allow_incompatable" is found in the switch section of the man page.


Best of luck,


Bob G.

Dallas, Tx