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SWA Catalog Download

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SWA Catalog Download

With the new ITRC changes, is there a way to download the SWA catalog using a Windows PC?
All the HP-UX servers at this site have no internet connection. doesn't work for me.

Thanks in advance.
Bob E Campbell
Honored Contributor

Re: SWA Catalog Download

There is not an SWA-specific utility at this time, but there are two options.

1. Running SIM?

SWA has been integrated with HP SIM, and of course SWA will happily download a catalog. I should note that SIM prefers Windows Server so this might not be an option for your laptop.

2. Can an HP-UX box access your system?

The swa option "-x download_cmd=myScript" can be used to modify the way SWA contacts the ITRC. The script will be passed URLs and must return the content via stdout. And example myScript might look like:


ssh user@otherbox wget -O - "$*"

Terribly over simplified, but hopefully gets the idea across. The URL will contain special characters, so keep escaping quotes for a multi-hop command:

ssh sys1 "ssh sys2 \"wget...\""