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SWA report

Occasional Contributor

SWA report

I am trying to use SWA to generate a report against which i can look for patches, but i ran into error with the following command:

/root/.swa/report #: /opt/swa/bin/swa report -x crl_check=false

I noticed my persional ID kguo is the owner of the job, is this a matter? how do you guys get your patches?

====  02/13/12 13:49:52 CST  BEGIN Report on Issues and New Software
         (user=kguo)  (jobid=wpgrx001)

       * Gathering Inventory
       * Using existing inventory for host "wpgrx001"
ERROR:   Failed to access authorization service.

=======  02/13/12 13:50:00 CST  END Report on Issues and New Software failed
         with 1 error. (user=kguo)  (jobid=wpgrx001)

NOTE:    More information may be found in the Software Assistant logfile