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Trying to build patch depot via SWA


Trying to build patch depot via SWA

Runing HPUX 11.31 on blade server.  

We've been using just the Quality Packs in the past to do patching.  We are currently trying to use SWA to build depots to handle all Critical, Security and QPK patches needed.  I have been "playing" with SWA to try and download a bundle to install these patches.  I have some questions as to what was created, and if I'm on the correct path.


as root,


I created a SWA report using the following command

swa report -x analyzers="CRIT PCW PW QPK SEC' -x crl_check-false


off this report, I ren the following to download patches. 

swa get -v -t /tmp/patches -x swcache=/tmp/patches


My goal was to download to the /tmp/patches directory.


When completed i got about 500 patches loaded to the /tmp/patches directory, I had a sub-dir called QPKAPPS and QPKBASE...that was empty... 


I also had a directory called hp-ux_patches...that appears to have the critical patches

I also had a directory called patch_bundles ...that had a QPK depot installed a few directories down.


When i do a "swinstall -s /tmp/patches"


I lists the 15 or so CRIT patches, and a QPKAPPS and QPKBASE


When i open either the QPKAPPS or QPKBASE, they have what looks like all of the patches that were listed under /tmp/patches (about 500 total)


my question is.... does this cover all my QPK along with all other issues?   this seems to ignore the Qualitypack depot that was downloaded under /tmp/patches/patch_bundle.  


I've attached a file that lists everything that was downloaded..... 


I appreciate any assistance in helping me build an appropriate bundle....