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Unsatisfied symbols: from libXm.a(CascadeB.o)


Unsatisfied symbols: from libXm.a(CascadeB.o)

After extracting these libs, I gave full path in my build script to link these new libs. But my build fails with "Unsatisfied symbols:" How can I avoid these ?

Here the sample of build output,
-L/homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/MOTIF21-PRG/usr/lib/Motif2.1 -L/homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/X11R6-PRG/usr/lib/X11R6 -L/db/HP9000/oracle/product/8.1.7/lib -lXm -lXt -lX11 -lm -lclntst8 -lpthread -lnsl -lnsl_s -lrpcsvc -lcrypt -lsnmp -Wl,-a,shared -Wl,+s -ldld -Wl,-a,archive_shared
/usr/ccs/bin/ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
XpSelectInput (first referenced in /homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/MOTIF21-PRG/usr/lib/Motif2.1/libXm.a(CascadeB.o)) (code)
XpEndPage (first referenced in /homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/MOTIF21-PRG/usr/lib/Motif2.1/libXm.a(CascadeB.o)) (code)
XpGetOneAttribute (first referenced in /homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/MOTIF21-PRG/usr/lib/Motif2.1/libXm.a(CascadeB.o)) (code)
XpGetScreenOfContext (first referenced in /homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/MOTIF21-PRG/usr/lib/Motif2.1/libXm.a(CascadeB.o)) (code)
XpGetDocumentData (first referenced in /homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/MOTIF21-PRG/usr/lib/Motif2.1/libXm.a(CascadeB.o)) (code)
XpSetImageResolution (first referenced in /homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/MOTIF21-PRG/usr/lib/Motif2.1/libXm.a(CascadeB.o)) (code)
XpQueryExtension (first referenced in /homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/MOTIF21-PRG/usr/lib/Motif2.1/libXm.a(CascadeB.o)) (code)
XShapeCombineRectangles (first referenced in /homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/MOTIF21-PRG/usr/lib/Motif2.1/libXm.a(CascadeB.o)) (code)
XpGetPdmStartParams (first referenced in /homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/MOTIF21-PRG/usr/lib/Motif2.1/libXm.a(CascadeB.o)) (code)
XShapeQueryExtension (first referenced in /homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/MOTIF21-PRG/usr/lib/Motif2.1/libXm.a(CascadeB.o)) (code)
XpGetPageDimensions (first referenced in /homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/MOTIF21-PRG/usr/lib/Motif2.1/libXm.a(CascadeB.o)) (code)
XpStartPage (first referenced in /homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/MOTIF21-PRG/usr/lib/Motif2.1/libXm.a(CascadeB.o)) (code)
XpGetContext (first referenced in /homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/MOTIF21-PRG/usr/lib/Motif2.1/libXm.a(CascadeB.o)) (code)
XpEndJob (first referenced in /homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/MOTIF21-PRG/usr/lib/Motif2.1/libXm.a(CascadeB.o)) (code)
XShapeCombineMask (first referenced in /homes/dvpr80/HPpatch/new/PHSS_27231/MOTIF21-PRG/usr/lib/Motif2.1/libXm.a(CascadeB.o)) (code)
*** Error exit code 1
Honored Contributor

Re: Unsatisfied symbols: from libXm.a(CascadeB.o)

Have you installed the latest aCC patch?
Honored Contributor

Re: Unsatisfied symbols: from libXm.a(CascadeB.o)

PHSS_26792 for 11.x
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Unsatisfied symbols: from libXm.a(CascadeB.o)

I'll give you my standard answer for finding missing symbols:

1) cd /usr/lib (or other lib directories)

2) nm lib* > /tmp/list

3) vi /tmp/list and search for
one of your missing symbols; e.g.

4) When you find it, search backwards using vi's '?' command in the file for "Symbols" (you will see something like "Symbols from libXm.4". e.g.

That should display your missing library; add it to your makefile and you should be good to go.
If it ain't broke, I can fix that.
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Re: Unsatisfied symbols: from libXm.a(CascadeB.o)

I got the same error when my system file got corrupt. I had to go back and get a very old backup and restore it, and put some drivers back in. It took me months to figure out that THIS was the cause of my problem, not a failed installation of the LITS patch.

That caused other problems. Cost lots and lots of sleep.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation