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errors from swlist

errors from swlist

# Initializing...
# Contacting target "sbs-hp50"...
WARNING: Incomplete definition for the product "PHKL_20943", beginning
at line 69369. The following attributes are not defined:
filesets the filesets contained in the product

Anyone know how to fix this problem?



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Tim Malnati
Honored Contributor

Re: errors from swlist

This sure look corrupted. I would suggest that you download a new copy of the patch. Where it is a kernel patch, It probably is small.
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Re: errors from swlist

swremove the patch and download a fresh for installation.
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Jason Luginbuhl
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Re: errors from swlist

Incomplete definition errors from swlist either indicate a corrupt Installed Product Database (IPD) or INDEX file.

The IPD is the directories and files under /var/adm/sw/products and the INDEX file is /var/adm/sw/products/INDEX.

Swremoving and reinstalling the patch may fix the problem. However, sometimes this is not possible. If this is the case then you should take a look at the following document on HP ITRC's Technical Knolwedge Base:

SD-UX: IPD Corruption (incomplete/duplicate/missing/extra products)
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wagley 2 10-18
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Re: errors from swlist


Regarding your request to post HP's Technical Knolwedge Base document in the forum. The technical documents that you are asking for requires a support agreement with HP.

Please refer to the IT Resource Center Terms of Use which states, "A Customer with an HP support agreement using the IT Resource Center as an element of HP's support also is governed by the HP Terms and Conditions of Sale and Service and Exhibit 5, HP System Support Service, or the terms of the applicable support agreement."

Thank you,

ITRC Forums Administrator
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Glenn S. Davidson
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Re: errors from swlist

You should be able to link that handle to your login account here and get access to what you need. Another step is to take the DOC number and call HP and request it. Hope that helps.
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