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looking for old 10.20 patches

Respected Contributor

looking for old 10.20 patches

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Does anyone know where the following patch set can be obtained?


 XSW700GR1020    B.    General Release Patches for HP-UX 10.20 Workstations (June 2000)


Yes, I know it's old.



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Re: looking for old 10.20 patches

Hi Paul:


Until recently (?) the Patch Database had a link to a patch "archive" which in turn contained patches for 10.20.  That seems to have vanished with the oldest release for which patches can now be downloaded to be 11.0.


I suggest that you contact the Support Center and ask.





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Re: looking for old 10.20 patches



Before the migration patches were available back even before 10.20.


There are plenty of 10.20 systems out there.


If you have a support contract thereby granting you access to patches, they still exist. It will simply take some cajoling to get access.



Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: looking for old 10.20 patches

Looks like they are gone after the ITRC migration. Well, there was almost 10 years time to get the latest patches ...

Hope this helps!

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