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patch this

Hello, i'm not new to ITRC, this HP intenet entity is strangly new to me.


where do I start to get a patch for hpux?  a real download (that is reliable and "authorized" to distribute).  I need this for some "oracle" reason or another:





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Re: patch this (PHSS_37042)

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You get patches from the HPSC:

You must have a support contract.


PHSS_37042 11.31 hppac

I've never heard of Oracle needing it?  Is this for the database product?

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Re: patch this (PHSS_37042)

The requiremnets arise from the "oracle 11G  release 2" Installer. the prereq's call for this patch, which seems to be a typical oracle "patch now, understand needs later" mentality.   I'm not the DBA doing the install/upgrade though, so I get info on a need to know basis only.

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Re: patch this (PHSS_37042)

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Re: patch this (PHSS_37042)

>That URL is having some trouble.


Both seem to end up in the HPSC for me.