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patches HPux11iV1

Occasional Contributor

patches HPux11iV1

I have a C8000 machine with HPux11iV1, the set of CDROM is from December 2006.
Am requested to install patch bundle GOLDQPK11i rev 11.11.0306.4 that is held on CD part 5012-7986 but this one is from September 2003,is this still necessary? and if yes where can I find this bundle?
Honored Contributor

Re: patches HPux11iV1

Better way is to run patch assessment -|

This will give you the list of required patches/bundles.

Honored Contributor

Re: patches HPux11iV1

Hi Jansen,

Is it necessary to install GOLDQPK11i rev 11.11.0306.4 ? The latest GOLDQPK11i(B.11.11.0812.479) is available on the following address.|releaseIndexPage|releasePage{0812-11.11}|&depotId=GOLDQPK11i:B.11.11.0812.479

Asif Sharif
Honored Contributor

Re: patches HPux11iV1


You can check on your server your patch bundle level.

#swlist -l bundle | grep -i gold

If the version you have is newer you are ok, because they are included.
Windows?, no thanks
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Re: patches HPux11iV1

Download and run Software Assistant (SWA). It will check for the latest QPK bundles as well as patch warnings and security bulletins. It can also download patches and bundles straight into a depot for you. Go to for more info.
Exalted Contributor

Re: patches HPux11iV1


One thing you gotta have.

Current bi-annaul patch set.

Its easy, its fast and requires one reboot. Its the quick fix.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Occasional Contributor

Re: patches HPux11iV1

good answer from Sharif where to find my requested patch