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Arturo Galbiati
Esteemed Contributor

patches depot

GOLDAPPS11i(B.11.11.0509.429) Applications Patches for HP-UX 11i v1, September 2005
GOLDBASE11i(B.11.11.0509.429) Base Patches for HP-UX 11i v1, September 2005
PHCO_33310 s700_800 11.11 LVM commands cumulative patch; LVM OLR
PHCO_33822 s700_800 11.11 Software Distributor Cumulative Patch
PHCO_33967 s700_800 11.11 envd(1m) cumulative patch
PHKL_33066 s700_800 11.11 Fibre Channel Mass Storage Patch
PHKL_33390 s700_800 11.11 LVM Cumulative Patch; LVM OLR; SLVM 16 Node
PHNE_31091 s700_800 11.11 Cumulative STREAMS Patch
Hi gurus,
where I can found a depot for these patches or in alternative how I can create a depot with these patches?

PHNE_33791 s700_800 11.11 r-commands cumulative mega-patch
PHSS_29121 s700_800 11.X Cluster Object Manager A.01.03.01
PHSS_30742 s700_800 11.X MC/ServiceGuard and SG-OPS Edition A.11.13
PHSS_33033 s700_800 11.11 ld(1) and linker tools cumulative patch
PHSS_34102 s700_800 11.11 XClients Patch

Honored Contributor

Re: patches depot

Hi Art,

You can download Patches by searching with patch id from

and if you want to create patch depot, Check this doc

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Re: patches depot

Hi Arturo,

Just a precision as for the procedure indicated by Arunvijai : you may have to add the option "-x enforce_dependencies=false" to the swcopy command.

swcopy will check that the target depot contains all dependecies for the patch your want to add. If not it will fail, although it is not a problem at this time

Hope this will help


Arturo Galbiati
Esteemed Contributor

Re: patches depot

thx to all