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swdepot history/release notes

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swdepot history/release notes



Is there somewhere a history or release notes of when a given software (including version) has been introduced in swdepot, or updated since initial introduction or deprecated in favour of another one? I'm not talking about hp-ux patches, but software in hp-ux depot, e.g. how do I know when LibcEnh product has been introduced first time? Updated since then and so on? Very few products have a date in their overview page.



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Re: swdepot history/release notes

You can use swlist with various options to check the status and installation date of patches.

You can also get the readme file:

swlist -a readme patch_name_OR_SD_product_name


You can also look at the various -a options in your existing system or depot and then select what you want to see:

swlist -l bundle -v

swlist -l product -v

swlist -l fileset -v


Then for each attribute and level, you can do something like:

swlist -l product -a install_date

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Re: swdepot history/release notes

Oh sorry, I should have been more explicit in my previous post. I don't want to retrieve date/version of installed products, but of products to be installed. Suppose I have to completely reinstall a system. I have a pile of software coming from swdepot to reinstall and some depends on others. Knowing the release date of each product version could greatly speed up the resolution of dependencies by giving a gross estimate of which product/version came before/after another one.



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Re: swdepot history/release notes

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>but of products to be installed.


Well, you can use the same commands on depots:

swlist -l product -a install_date -s /path-to-depot


You'll probably have to look for attributes that make more sense, since you haven't installed yet.  You use that -v option to list attributes or you can to look at the Software Distributor Administration Guide for a list of attributes:


You can also look at swlist(1m) and sd(5).