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swinstall PHSS_20298


swinstall PHSS_20298

I am trying to install the PHSS_20298 patch for HP-UX 11.0.

I follow carefully te documented steps and always fails.

The steps are:

sh PHSS_20298
swinstall -x autoreboot=true -x patch_mark_target=true -s /tmp/PHSS_20298.

The result is always the same:

There is currently no depot software on host MY_HOST at location /var/spool/sw.

Is the documentation wrong? Or may Y do anything else before the swinstall?

Thanks in advance,
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Re: swinstall PHSS_20298

When doing the swinstall, do you have /tmp/PHSS_20298.depot after the '-s'? In the command line you give you only have /tmp/PHSS_20298. You must have do the command as below:

swinstall -x autoreboot=true -x patch_mark_target=true -s /tmp/PHSS_20298.depot
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Re: swinstall PHSS_20298

The file you want to swinstall is probably called
PHSS_20298.depot and not

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Re: swinstall PHSS_20298

I got a hold of a procedure that has worked good for me. Try this and see what you think:

a)Copy your patch to/tmp/patches
b)CD to /tmp/patches
c)Run ?./get_patches?.
d)Run ?./make_depot?.
e)Look for PATCHES.depot.
f)Run swinstall ?s /tmp/patches/PATCHES.depot
i.Highlight patches (hit space bar).
ii.Hit ?tab? key, then ?A? (actions).
iii.Select Install Analysis.
iv.If no errors, select ?OK? to apply patches.
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Re: swinstall PHSS_20298

If you got the PHSS_20298 patch off the FTP site, then what you got is actually a shell archive that contains the actual patch as well as the text description for that patch.


# cd /tmp
# sh PHSS_20298

This will unarchive the patch into two files: PHSS_20298.depot and PHSS_20298.text

You can then use swinstall to install the .depot file.
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Re: swinstall PHSS_20298

I do this,
1. make a directory called depot, mostly on its own lv if possible.
2. Register it as a software depot
swreg -l depot /depot
3. Then copy the PHSS_12345 there and while in the directory type
sh PHSS_12345
that will create 2 files PHSS_12345.depot and a readme.
4. type in swinstall, this will start a utility. The first screen that pops up will look at your cd-rom and fail unless a cd is in it. Just change the line from cd to local directory. Then under the target put in the full path, /depot/PHSS_12345.depot
You will then see the software there and can
mark it, match_target and install from the SAM like menu. If you have more than 1 patch, HP has a doc that shows how to combine them for 1 reboot if needed.
Hope this make sense, don't have much time to write this.