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swinstall errors

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swinstall errors

Hi All,


During install the products, i have encountered a error:


ERROR:   "/var/adm/sw/tmp/srp/demo.depot":  You do not have
         permission for this operation.  The depot owner, system
         administrator, or alternate root owner may need to use the
         "swreg" or "swacl" command to give you permission.  Or, to
         manage applications designed and packaged for nonprivileged
         mode, see the "run_as_superuser" option in the "sd" man page.


So could someone give help about this? Thanks!



Honored Contributor

Re: swinstall errors

If the server hostname or IP address has been changed without rebooting the system, or the system cannot resolve its own hostname (e.g. nsswitch.conf checks DNS before files and the DNS entry for this system has a wrong name/IP), you can get error messages like this.


The fix is to make sure your system can correctly resolve its own hostname, then restart swagentd:

sh /sbin/init.d/swagentd stop
sh /sbin/init.d/swagentd start


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Re: swinstall errors

Hi MK,


I think the /etc/hosts file and /etc/nsswitch.conf look fine.

So is there any other reason for this problem?

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Re: swinstall errors

They may look fine now but if they were not fine when swagentd was started, it would still have caused the problem.


And the issue is not how the files look, but whether they work.

Please run this command:

nslookup $(hostname)

 If the hostname -> IP lookup works, this will tell you the IP address of the system. Then run "nslookup <IP-address>", replacing <IP-address> with the address reported by the previous command. If the second command reports the correnct hostname, then the IP -> hostname lookup works too.


Restarting swagentd is harmless if you don't have a swinstall/swremove operation running. When you're trying to install local depots as a root and swinstall says you don't have permissions for that, restarting swagentd is the first thing to try.


Re: swinstall errors

Well, if it's not the depot server address lookup that's the problem...


One cause I've seen for this problem is with the default depot ACLs at HP-UX 11i v3. On our systems it set the 'any_other' permissions to 'r', which would seem to be sufficient. However, in some cases we've seen problems where swinstall is running an access check first, then performing a read. Try setting the the 'any_other' to 'rt' permissions. (I had to change the server defaults so that 'any_other' would always be set to 'rt', after which the problem went away.


Another possible cause is the ACL settings on the depot server's host and root levels. Make sure that 'any_other' has 'rt'  permissions at both levels, or else provide 'other' access from the host being installed.