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Maria Pimentel
Occasional Contributor


This is a follow up on the responses: I did stop and restart swagentd daemon and try swinstall it came back with message: "The depot exist "hpjte1: /cdrom exist but is currently empty".

Thanks, Maria



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Stuart Abramson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: swinstall

I think we're missing some history here.

But, it looks like you don't have a CD mounted...

What is it you want to do?
Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: swinstall

Hi Maria,

If you have a fairly recent version of the SD (Software Distributor) product, bring up swinstall in it's GUI form, make sure the CD is loaded & click the Find Local CD button on the top right of the dialog box & the CD will be mounted for you automagically.

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Massimo Bianchi
Honored Contributor

Re: swinstall

you should not input /cdrom but /cdrom/XSWGR800...

Donny Jekels
Respected Contributor

Re: swinstall


Life is easy on the forums:

1st check if your cd is mounted like everyone is telling you.

next see if the cd rom's mount point is registered as a depot./

#swlist -l depot

if the mount point is not listed, then please register it.

say your cdrom is /cdrom

then register it.

#swreg -l depot /cdrom

then check it again.

lastly try your swinstall again.

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Donny Jekels
Respected Contributor

Re: swinstall

Thank you.

Here is a quick tut on SD-UX.

If you have a lot of HP-UX boxes, then set up yourself a depot on one box.

On this box you want to copy all your patches you download and applications you regularly use.

see how it works. log into another box then

#swlist -l depot @ myotherbox

you should see the lsit of all the registered software on the otherbox.

What I usually do is copy all 4 application CD's to disk on that host. then you never need to mount any app cd again.

on your sd host
1. cp all the contents from each CD to disk

#cd /
#cp -R /cdrom /sdux/cd/disk1
#umount /cdrom

put the second disk in
mount it
and repeat
#cp -R /cdrom /sdux/cd/disk2

2. next you want to register those cd's
#swreg -l depot /sdux/cd/disk1
#swreg -l depot /sdux/cd/disk2
#swreg -l depot /sdux/cd/disk3
#swreg -l depot /sdux/cd/disk4

list your depots
#swlist -l depot

now your depot is ready to use on any other box on your network.


"Vision, is the art of seeing the invisible"