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I did a swlist on a test machine.
Some of the entries are as follows

SystemAdmin.SAM-ENG-A-MAN B.11.11.%24 SAM-ENG-A-MAN
SystemAdmin.SAM-JPN-E-MAN B.11.11.%24 SAM-JPN-E-MAN
SystemAdmin.SAM-JPN-S-MAN B.11.11.%24 SAM-JPN-S-MAN

what does this "%24" mean?

Jayesh shah



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Re: swlist

Looks like an error to me, should only contain a number as part of the version info. Either an error in the original product installed or didnt copy/install properly.
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Re: swlist


Usually, instead of %24 there should be 32/64 depending on the installation of your HPUX and/or machine. %24 could be the corresponding character in the ascii table ($ ?).

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Re: swlist (% in version)

>what does this "%24" mean?


The %number convention is a build number.  Ordinarily they should be removed before the product is shipped.