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y2k patches

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y2k patches

i have downloaded this patch was in tar format: y2-1100.tar
i did: tar xvf - y2-1100.tar and i had lot of patches...i can't install them...
when i do sh namepatch i have the error message permission denied...why??
how can i install all them?? and not one one?
Trusted Contributor

Re: y2k patches

You need to use the swinstall mechanism to install these patches:-

# swinstall -s /tmp/Y2k-S8001020.tar

Hit return when prompted and do the following:-

The screen will change and in the main window you will see:-

PHSS_???? -> B.10.00.00.AA Product name

Hit the space bar, followed by the ?m? key. This will mark the patch for installation, you will see ?Yes? in the ?Marked?? column of the main window.

Then press ?tab? key to bring you to the menu?s at the top of the screen. From here use the right ?arrow? key to highlight the ?Action Menu?, hit return and the menu will expand to show a number of options. Move down and hit return on the ?Install(analysis)? option. This will initiate the installation procedure, the system will then begin the analysis of installing the software in another window.

Once analysis is complete the system will show it is ?ready?, use the ?tab? key to take the cursor to the ?OK? option and hit ?return? to begin the install process. A message will be displayed saying that the install will begin and asking the following question:-

Do you still wish to begin install?

Use the ?tab? key to move the cursor to the ?Yes? option and hit return. The install will now take place. At this point if a reboot is required you will be told.
Vikas Khator
Honored Contributor

Re: y2k patches

Hi ,

Swinstall will understand the tar format so just do swinstall -s /tmp/y2k.tar

Keep it simple