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Metrics Collection on Solaris 10

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Metrics Collection on Solaris 10


Our SAP systems are migrated to new NGSP platform(Solarios 10/db2). We are doing performance testing and observed that response times were high but growth in cpu utilization is less compared to earlier env. As Solaris 10 is using zone system for processors, how can we measure the CPU utilization and what other key counters we need to collect to do the correct analysis?

Re: Metrics Collection on Solaris 10

One can use rstatd to get minimal system information - if the rstatd daemon is enabled. Another way is to use the various unix utilies vmstat, prstat, mpstat, iosat - pipe to a file and then bring them into the analysis session after the fact using EXTERNAL MONITOR. You'll need a time stamp so I do the following:

vmstat 30 130 | perl -MPOSIX -lne 'BEGIN{$|=1} print strftime("%D,%T",localtime)." ".$_' >> vmstat_07152010.log