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Physical hardisk qurey in perfroamnce

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Physical hardisk qurey in perfroamnce


I would like know the details in our performance test lab happenings.

The details as mentioned below:

While the execution of loadrunner performance tesing tool (by simulating 100 virtual user load) shows the physical hard disk queue length Avg. in the performance monitor on the first run shows the avg. as 98 (Processor utilization as 40%)

In second run the physical disk queue shows the avg. as 108 (Processor utilization as 34%)

So that i was unable come into conslusion, where the problem was ocur for the poor response

Kindly provide the details to me.

Thanks & Regards

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Re: Physical hardisk qurey in perfroamnce


Problem with "disks-testing tools" is that the performance measured for a same HDD depends on many other factors external to the disk proper, such as:

1-The motherboard/chipset. Chipsets are ruling exchanges of data, thus speed.
2-Cache-size settings.
3-The amount and model of RAM installed.
4-The CPU and its internal cache-memory.
5-IDE controllers.
6-Clable technology (80 conductors vs 40 conductors).
7-The number of programs and files loaded.

In other terms, comparisons would make sense for a series of disks tested in one type of computer only.

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