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SAMBA server on MPE 7.0 eating CPU

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SAMBA server on MPE 7.0 eating CPU

I am running the SAMBA server that comes with the FOS and it seems to ,at a random point, start eating up the CPU to 100% for no apparant reason. Does anyone know why this is happening? Thanks! I verified the CPU usage with GLANCE and the process eating up the CPU is SMBD207.
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Re: SAMBA server on MPE 7.0 eating CPU


Take a look at the Samba log files; if you do find entries like these:

open_file_shared: breaking oplock (3) on file TextPad 4/TextPad.exe, dev = 1, inode = 70416

You may try to turn off the oplocks in the smb.conf file. It happens to solve the problem at one customer site.
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