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System abort 1116 subsys 101

j kubler
Frequent Advisor

System abort 1116 subsys 101

To all,
Just reconfigured an N Class HP 3000. Using a none good CSLT from a working system talking to an identical VA 7400 I tried an install to this device. Got the following:

td: claimed tachyon XL 2 fibre channel mass storage card at 0/12/0/0 scanning for fibre devices at 0/12/0/0

Then this abort?

System Abort 1116 from subsystem 101
Secondary Status info = 2, Subsys = -24568
System Halt 7, $045C..

Any ideas?
Kwan Fong, Emile
Honored Contributor

Re: System abort 1116 subsys 101

Hi Jeff,

SA #1116: The MEMORY MANAGER detected an error while trying to identify a block of contiguous physical pages.

Subsys #101: Memory Manager

Based on what I found in Technical Knowledge Base, most of occurences seem to be related to HW memory. Some had to replace memory boards, other just reseated all memory boards.
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